Dustin wants to read a rant in the style of Spider Jerusalem. Done!

Rhiannon is looking forward to reading my obituary. Done!

Cyndi wants adventure and romance in an SG-1 fanfic.

Matt thinks I should tell a true story in a make-believe world.

TricksterMuse wants me to wrap up her unfinished horror story.

EVERYONE wants me to stop screwing around and post something already!

  1. I’m requesting a Sandor/ Sansa fanfic.

  2. Wait, Sandor Clegane & Sansa Stark?!? I think parts of my brain just tried to crawl out my ears! I think I need a bath now…. and bourbon.

  3. You never thought about the connection between those two before?! There are some really great examples for SanSan fanfic out there. But after reading your stuff, I bet you could blow them away. 😉

  4. I’d like to read about three pivotal moments in which you became more the man you are.

    • I’ll have to think about that, Lisa. I’d hate to just flat out refuse, (I much prefer to procrastinate mightily, see SG1 fanfic above) but the very nature of that request is right on the edge of too personal for this blog. Even at best you’re probably not going to get three, sorry.

  5. Do I ever ask for the easy things? ;-D You could make stuff up… how would I know? lol

  6. Or, hey – write a review of Sex at Dawn! (A book I highly recommend)

  7. How about a story I can believe, that still ends in ‘happily ever after’?

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