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Hopefully the last I will write about Prop8

So Prop8 is gone. The plaintiffs were married today in San Francisco, and we’re all a little more American.

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Mysteries Abound

There’s a strange, fragrant smoke wafting in on the wind from somewhere. It smells vaguely familiar, like something smelled long ago, or perhaps a blend of known scents made strange by their mixture. Sort of a sweet, herbal smell.
I keep thinking one of the neighbors is smoking cheap weed cut with sage or catnip or something.

The smell isn’t really unpleasant, but the smoke is just irritating enough to keep me awake, and that means my mind is wandering. So I’ll write this post that I had in mind a few days ago, a response to a facebook post I saw asking what you would say to God, if you had the chance. I think the person whose status I saw it on said something to the effect of “I’d just want a hug.”
Me, I’d want an explanation.
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