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Long ago in the time of fantasy, far away across the sea, a village was being terrorized by a dragon. It burned crops and houses, ate sheep and cattle, and even killed people. The village was very poor, but they knew this dragon would soon be the end of them, so they put together as much money as they could and offered it as a reward to anyone who could kill the dragon.

News didn’t spread as quickly back then, so mostly the only people who heard about the reward were those who passed by the village on their journey. One knight heard about the dragon, and decided a monster like that was too dangerous for him to deal with. Another knight heard the story but thought the reward was too small to be worth his time. And so the village suffered. Read the rest of this entry

What popped into my head when I saw this photo.

Photo courtesy of Luca Sartoni.

It wasn’t the sort of neighborhood a fairy usually went to alone, but Tink knew she had to get answers. Uncomfortably aware that anyone, or anything, might be hiding nearby, she put on a bold face and headed towards the meeting site. She only hoped this Deep Wing character, whoever that was, could give her the information she needed.

Take good care of your tools

This is for Daily Post topic #277, which was to write a story ending with the relevent sentence.

Cold water washed quietly over the floor, shocking the dazed man lying in the wreckage back into motion. The air smelled of wet stone, oil and grease, and smoke with just a hint of ozone. The soft humming of the high voltage transformers was occasionally drowned out by the crackle of a Jacob’s Ladder, or the mewing of a cat. As the man groaned and sat up, his vision gradually cleared enough for him to peer through the haze at his surroundings.

The lab was a shambles. Nearly a third of the various machines and instruments had suffered some sort of significant damage. The Van de Graaff generator was a total loss, the glass tubes & beakers of mysterious colored liquids would need to be swept up and disposed with a dustpan and mop, the big water tank was leaking badly enough to put the piranhas in serious jeopardy, and the machine that goes “ping!” had pinged its last. No sensible person would dare use the elevating thunderstorm platform until all the rails had been thoroughly inspected, and there were probably books knocked off the cunningly built swinging bookshelf that disguised the outer door.

Worse than the damage and mess, though, was that the experiment had been set back months at least, and all for nothing. The only change in the cat at all was that its fur had turned bright pink. Having learned his lesson, it was the last time Dr. Jiggybones would let the crossbeams get out of skew on the treadle.

Challenge 2: RIP Me

March 15, 2105

Part-time celebrity and laissez-faire dictator Leo Tarvi was killed in his home this afternoon in an unlikely accident involving massage oil, a French bra with excellent elastic, and really good false teeth. Although no further details have yet been released, he is said to have “died with a smile on his face.” Read the rest of this entry

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