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the psychology of power

Hello, readers. I’ve been digging through my drafts folder, deleting everything that doesn’t look like I can still get a post out of it, and I found this apparently complete post just sitting in there. I originally wrote it on February 17th, 2013, and I have no idea why I didn’t post it. I probably felt that I had more to say or something. Anyway, since I haven’t posted anything in a while, I figured I’d toss this up for you.

Interestingly, I don’t think I ever wrote a review of this book. Which is a shame, since it’s my favorite by this author so far. Maybe I’ll read it again and write about it soon, who knows.

Everything that follows the asterisks is from February 2013.

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Book Review: “Be Ours Forever” by R. C. Murphy

This is Ms. Murphy’s first book to be published in actual paper. You might think that in that case I’d go easy on her in this review. Especially since she’s not only a friend but also knows where I live. Bah! Honesty demands the truth, angry authors be damned! Besides, honest reviews will make it easier for her to get better, and since I like her writing, I want it to improve. Though I will be sleeping near a dog and checking for poison needles the next few weeks.

Be Ours Forever is a story about love, power, trust, outdated conservative political entities, telepathic group sex, sadistic monsters, nontraditional family units, and lots and lots of vampires. Seriously, there’s a whole mess of vampires in this story. The plot is kicked off by the question of whether or not the sole named human character should change and become a vampire. It’s that kind of book.

The genre is given as “Paranormal Romance”, but I kept thinking of it as “Fangbanger Porn”. An outline of the book might go: Introduction, Body Horror, Sex Scene, Torture, Torture, Torture, Sex Scene, Resolution.

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Sexy Vampires from @RCMurphy

Did I ever tell you about my Close Personal Friend™ R. C. Murphy? She writes horror stories and puts them on her blog, and she’s imaginative and talented and wonderfully twisted. She’s very good at her art.

And now she’s made this.

I’ll post a review when I get done reading it.

I present to you R. C. Murphy’s first published print novel, Be Ours Forever.

I am so proud to know her right now.

Share and enjoy

This should be the first post to be auto-shared on Tumblr, which means I’ll finally be using Tumblr for something. I never quite worked out what to do with it, really.

Since I’m sharing things, here’s an Etsy shop you should check out. Go buy something. In fact, read this blog post and figure out a way to help RC Murphy, because she’s awesome. While you’re there, read some of her stories so that you’ll understand why she’s awesome. (Although she is responsible for Aksel, so clearly she’s far from perfect.)

That’s it for now, I may have something of substance up soon, or maybe not. My internet is being unreliable and it’s so frustrating to deal with I’m tempted to walk away and do something useful with my time instead. Bleh.

At least it’s an update

It’s Sunday again, and I haven’t managed to write anything all week. Ah well, this week I’m going to recommend everyone read The Path of a Struggling Writer, an excellent blog by the talented R.C. Murphy. Here you’ll find horror stories, erotica, and horrific erotica. The vampire smut is particularly recommended.

I have a personal soft spot for her work, as it directly influenced me to create this blog you are currently reading. So be sure to take a look and see if you like it.

Also, the first round of votes over on Pictosociety has ended, and my chapter won! It’s just as well that I’m stuck with a cramped little netbook keyboard, or I’d probably crow about this for a few more paragraphs. Well, that’s all until I have a proper keyboard again.

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