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Hopefully the last I will write about Prop8

So Prop8 is gone. The plaintiffs were married today in San Francisco, and we’re all a little more American.

I’m having trouble finding words for this, so here are a few pictures. Read the rest of this entry

One year after, life goes on.

I’ve been feeling sick all day, and haven’t gotten much done. But I wanted to get at least one post blogged, so when JT mentioned that today is the one year anniversary of the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I just had to say something about life one year after the United States military crumbled under the weight of not kicking out gays.

For your average geek off the street, American life hasn’t changed much without the armed forces. We’re a little more puzzled than ever about where all that military budget goes, and presumably it’s gotten much harder to wage multiple wars in foreign countries since teh gheyz destroyed unit cohesion, but those stoic patriots in the Department of Defense have hardly complained at all.

Okay, so JT and his commenters pretty much covered all the jokes. But I didn’t want to let this pass without saying something because people spoke about DADT as though ending this policy was the worst idea since radium toothpaste.

It’s not uncommon for me to go long stretches or time without reading any news or blogs at all, so maybe I missed something. But I haven’t heard a peep about any difficulty at all. It’s like it was just a non-event, the policy ended and life went on. The only difference from my point of view is that now I occasionally see pictures of same-sex couples in uniform. That’s it.

So there’s a happy thought for today, in this small way at least, love conquered hate.

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