Ah, rain

I love the rain. There’s something magical about water falling from the sky. It cools things down, cleans the air, and brings happy memories of rainy days and the people I spent them with.

I’ve always wanted to get sick of rain. I don’t mean wish it wasn’t raining because of some other plans I had, but just have it rain for so long that I get tired of it and want it to stop. It probably stems from living where I do, where rain is a rare and special thing. I often wonder how I would feel about it if I lived someplace that gets a lot of rain for a year or two. Would I be happier there, or longing for hot sunny days with the same intensity?

Anyways, I have a mystery for you. Due to several factors, mostly the age of this house and my reluctance to put holes in it, there is a long Cat5 network cable running out my window, across the roof and down to another window where it connects me to the internet. So on this nice rainy morning I found water dripping out of it. Seriously, right where the RJ-45 connects, there was water seeping out of the cable. The router narrowly missed getting drenched.

I cut a few drain holes into the outer insulation so it shouldn’t damage anything, but where is it coming from? Everything’s dry up top and I can’t find any holes or breaks in the cable. Either the outer shell’s become porous enough that the water is seeping through it, or it’s condensing in there. Well, or there’s something else that I haven’t thought of or a hole in the cable I missed. I’m leaning towards the first explanation right now, since this never happened before and it seems likely that a break would be obvious.

Come to think of it, most plastics photo-degrade, and this one’s been out on the roof for several years now. That’s a lot of sunlight. It might be time to replace that wire or install wifi on this thing.

Anyways, that’s this morning’s weirdness. I’m going to tag it for Post a Day, which feels a little like cheating but it’s clearly a post and therefore counts! Blog at you later with something completely different.

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