Big Fat Test Post

This is nothing more than a test of the QTM blogging software for Linux. Unless you’re a Linux user yourself, and also a blogger, you probably want to skip this one.QTM has a very simple, clean interface, almost too simple for my tastes, really. Format options are very limited, but it accepts html directly, so that may not matter at all.
The basic tab almost seems to imply that you could post to multiple blogs simultaneously, which would be cool but kinda pointless. Maybe if you had a couple blogs for different things you could use that to handle overlapping topics, that would be handy.
The “Category” tab is greyed out, I can’t figure out how to change that. It just sort of decided what category it wanted and won’t let me alter it. Weird.
I have the option of saving to draft or publishing, which I really appreciate. I could easily do most of the writing here and then give it a final polish in the web interface. I’m going to do both for this post, first save to draft and then publish direct.
There’s no spellcheck built into QTM. I don’t like that, it could reveal my inability to keep vowels straight!
I’m feeling kinda lukewarm about this one. If it posts without any surprises then it’ll certainly do the job, but I’m going to try a few others and see what they have to offer.

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  1. Huh, what’s up with those paragraphs? And why isn’t it the last in line, here? Strange. I’ll leave these test posts up so I can compare them, but they’ll get deleted once I either decide on a program to keep, lose interest in the whole endeavor, or just get sick of seeing them.

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