Saturday cop-out post

I have a zombie pub crawl to attend tonight and stuff to do before it, so this will be short.

Topic 285:

Do you like surprises? Why or why not? Can you think of the best or worse surprise you’ve had in the last year?

Depends on the surprise, of course. A surprise $50 bill is great, a surprise tumor sucks. I suppose that’s really just saying I like good news more than bad.

No surprises stand out to me over the last year. Well, none I’m willing to write about here, at least.

The more I think about it, the more I’m sure I can’t write an interesting post on this topic. So I’ll talk about the zombie pub crawl quickly and then wrap this up.

Zombie pub crawl. A bunch of people in their 20s & 30s dressed up as zombies lurching mindlessly from one bar to the next. So it’s basically your average pub crawl with grosser makeup.

I’ve dug out a jacket that’s full of moth holes. The kind of thing I really should have gotten rid of long ago, but kept partly because it’s the only jacket I own that actually fits me, and partly for costume stuff like this. I’m combining that with tan pants & shirt, and a hideous red tie that I got at the dollar store, and then all I need is a little makeup and I’ll look like I wandered off the set of a 1970’s George Romero flick.

I’ve also skipped shaving today. My hair is really too long for this look but I’m not willing to cut it just for this. I’m also going to use more deodorant than usual since I expect to be too warm in those clothes and I’m not really willing to smell like the walking dead tonight. Though if I could make myself smell like fresh earth, as though I’d clawed my way out of a grave, I might do that.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll have something else to tell you tomorrow. Huh, if I drink too much while I’m dressed as a zombie tonight I may wake up feeling like a zombie tomorrow. I’d better watch out.

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