Patience, and the lack thereof

Just a quick Daily to get the requirement out of the way. I’m working on something, though.

Topic 286:

Who is the most patient person you know?

Honestly, I think I am. It’s the one genuine virtue I possess. I’m having trouble coming up with more to say about that, so I’ll just wax on about patience for a bit.

The funny thing about patience is that some things just cut right through it. Like a pet peeve, everyone has a few things that they just have no patience at all for. For me paperwork is a big one. I can comfortably sit for a very long time and work out every last detail of, say, a math puzzle. But ask me to fill out some forms and I’ll be growling the first time a field seems slightly ambiguous or it asks me a question with more than one answer.

On that subject it’s almost inevitable that I will be growling at that form sooner or later. I think the only forms I’ve seen that were clear and straightforward were order forms. “What do you want, how many, were do we ship it, how are you paying for it”, if only they were all so easy.

On the other hand, ask me to explain a difficult concept to someone and I can calmly re-examine things and try different approaches for pretty much as long as they seem to be honestly trying to understand. That’s led many people to mistakenly think that I’d make a good teacher, I can only assume that they’ve forgotten how much paperwork a teacher has to do.

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