Searching for Leo Tarvi

I’m still sick, but getting better. Let’s take a look at the search terms that led people here over the last month, that was fun last time. As before, their search terms are in bold, while my commentary is in italic.

leo tarvi I’m sort of relieved and bored that my name is number 1.

cardboard cutouts of people I was curious and googled this myself, this blog doesn’t turn up on the first few pages. Wonder what the story was there.

little janie qs meaning We’re probably happier not knowing.

leo+tarvi = awesome

leo stereotypes People just don’t realize how much they can hurt 😦

scott berkun Writes the Daily Post inspiration things. I really think he makes them vague, subject to much interpretation, and kind weird on purpose. I wonder if he has a big list or if he’s making them up as he goes?

the big fat test Uh oh, hope you remembered to study!

little janie qs It’s such a sad little term, isn’t it? I imagine children chanting it in a mocking singsong way.

things i learned on using tumblr I’m guessing grammar wasn’t one of them.

stoya porn tumblr Is more likely to be found on Tumblr than on WordPress. Just sayin’.

matts safe school law I should really do a followup on that, I found the full text of the law and the religious loophole doesn’t apply to students. In fact, according to that law, only students are capable of bullying.

women fucking I hope you enjoyed my fucking patriarchy series!

leo open source software I’m free-as-in-speech, not free-as-in-beer!

fuck patriarchy facebook Seriously, Facebook! Fuck that patriarchy!

rebecca watson elevator The fallout from that tiny non-event is one of the few things in the last couple years that genuinely shocked me. Seriously, if you’re still giving Watson shit over this, step back, take a deep breath, and re-examine your life.

ubuntu unity sucks Yes, yes it does. (Had more to say here but I accidentally hit the windows key, and now I have to wait five minutes for the search menu to pop up and another three minutes to get rid of it.)

Well, that’s all for now. Tune in next time for whatever random crap I can manage to come up with!

About Leo Tarvi

Mostly fictional.

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  1. I think that’s hilarious. I should check it on a couple of the sites I administer.

    Get rid of unitty and put xfce on there. Looks and works a million times better.

    • You really should, it’s a lot of fun! I’m planning to do this once a month. I keep meaning to look into alternatives to unity, but I just switched from KDE to Gnome a few months ago and I’m reluctant to make a big change again so soon.

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