Sam Brownback: #HeBlowsALot

From here, via Wil Wheaton. This sounds like a sketch comedy bit. Emma Sullivan, an 18-year old high school senior tweeted, well, this:

Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback apparently has staff watching Twitter for comments about him. I guess that makes sense, it’s probably a good way to judge public opinion. When they saw that one, they passed it on, and eventually Sullivan wound up in the principles office.

Here’s where I think a principal needs to be fired.

Sullivan said the principal ordered her to write letters of apology to Brownback, the school’s Youth in Government sponsor, the district’s social studies coordinator and others.

Frankly, I hope she outright refused. She has the right to free speech, and in the United States the usual limit to free speech is “yelling fire in a crowded theater”. Insulting an asshole clearly doesn’t cut it. The principal was way out of line to abuse his authority like that.

I’m also a little concerned about the Big Brother aspect. But from what the TPM article says, it looks like they didn’t actually use taxpayer dollars to track down this subversive teenager and tell her principal. I certainly hope not, if scolding mouthy 18 year old’s is considered a worthwhile expenditure, they’re going to have some serious budget problems in Kansas.

I do wonder if it occurred to them that she’s a legal adult and potential voter. They’re supposed to be sucking up to her, aren’t they?

The comical side, and my favorite thing about this of course, is that the people monitoring Twitter for Brownback’s name now know that public opinion of him is that he blows, a lot.

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