Back in the Saddle

Well, I knew I was going to be a little behind and have to play catch-up, but I certainly didn’t expect to take a whole week off! By my count I need six posts to get back up to the line, so I’ll try to manage two or three a day until I’m all caught up. Let’s start easy with a Daily Post subject:

Topic #328:

Would you rather have $50 million or live for an extra 50 years?

Naturally, I have to answer the question with a bunch of questions. What quality of life are we talking about for those 50 extra years? Are we talking 50 active, healthy years, or are you going to take me at the end of my natural life, when I’m bedridden and barely hanging on, and stretch that out for another half century?

Also, what’s with that exchange rate? A million dollars a year seems awfully cheap, I’d have priced a year of life at a hundred million at least in today’s economy. Makes me suspicious of the quality of life thing above.

Am I the only one who gets this choice? Am I looking at 50 years past when everyone else has died? I’m not very good at making new friends, that could get awfully lonely.

Have you noticed that I enjoy dissecting the question more than answering it? not sure what that says about me. Well, unless it really is 50 years in a hospital bed I’d probably take the extra life. I mean, time is the one thing we can’t buy, and we live in such interesting times. I can only wonder what I’ll see in my lifetime already, imagine if I had another half century to see what comes next…

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