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It’s the 15th of the month again, and that means it’s time to look at my site stats for the last 30 days. Of course when I say site stats, I really mean the search terms, because everything else, while useful info, is a little boring.

So here’s what people searched for that led them to my blog over the last month. As usual, search terms are in bold, while my comments are italic.

tarvi That’s me! Apparently my nom de blog is also a Finnish word meaning “needed”. Pretending that’s significant is kinda fun!

intelligent design Will probably not be remembered as a serious contribution to science.

tax the fucking rich It amuses me to no end that this phrase leads to my blog. I think I said that last time, but it’s still true.

egypt naked student’ She’s one of the bravest women in the world and making a serious statement about a real issue, but she’ll probably be remembered for getting naked.

what are the rights of citizenship I’m going to assume that if you needed answers to that for something important that you kept searching for a more reliable source than me. Hope you enjoyed my little rant!

nor tarvi According to Google translate, this is Finnish for “normal food”. Both interesting and strange.

aliaa magda whip There are people who think she should be whipped for the outrageous crime of posting photos of herself on her blog. Disgusting, really.

against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”. You will find a few very brave people, and lots of bloggers who will tell the world about them.

stoya tumblr I love that I still get at least one of these a month.

marriage of sheila cronin and mr. shea Strange one there, Sheila doen’t get an honorific, while Mr. doesn’t get a first name.

nutiy in egyp Dude, I think you’re too drunk to properly tackle the issues, here. Alternately, you’re too drunk too find your favorite porn.

aliaa magda elmahdy fuck In my head, I always imagine that the people saying she’s evil and should be publicly whipped and the people who want to see her in porn are the same people. Maybe it’s true, maybe sex & violence are so connected in their heads that they lust after her as they want to hurt her. Makes me shudder.

patriarchy hurts everyon e Yes, yes it does. That rogue space was probably caused by it, too.

nor tarvi 2012 It’s going to be different this year, and probably change next year, too!

burzynski clinic You know it occurs to me that a good sign of a shady business is if it’s based in the U.S., but only sues for libel in the U.K.

nakes in egypt Must be sobering up, nearly got it right that time!

end of the world 2012 Oh we’re gonna get sick of that, aren’t we. Is it too much to ask that if the world doesn’t end by the new year, we can drop this “end of the world” crap once & for all?

leave application my grandfather tarvi If I don’t get the job, can I apply for a position as one of your other family members?

theory intelligent design Not so much a theory. Not so much intelligent. Not so much design.

adventure sexual harassment Followed closely by adventure litigation!

sitt al-banaat khaalid wikipedia I’m not wikipedia, of course, but I hope you read my opinion of pointless sexual mutilation. To creep yourself out, Google just that name and count how many results use the exact same words.

he blows a lot Ah, Governor Brownback, I presume.

aliaa magda el mahdy sex tube Ok seriously is there a shortage of porn in Egypt?

oldfeels This one cracks me up. I have no idea what it means or why it linked here.

brain overheats I feel the same way. Do you have any suggestions? 

Well, that’s it for the search engines this month. My favorites were “leave application my grandfather tarvi” and “adventure sexual harassment”, they just stimulate the imagination. Now I’ll bask in the warm glow of a completed blog post for a bit and then start figuring out what to write next. Have a great day everyone.

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