The Kiss

She sat in the wheelchair and waited, doubts gnawing at her. She wasn’t sure what to expect, he would arrive any minute and see her in the chair for the first time. She’d been dreading this day as the growing weakness in her legs made walking an increasingly limited resource, finally she could no longer pretend. Even though she’d warned him that this day was coming, quiet fears whispered to her. “Can I still be sexy?”

She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear the door open, and suddenly there he was, closing the door behind him. Their eyes locked and for an instant she thought she saw sadness flicker across his face before he smiled. He stepped forward and knelt before the chair. Looking at his face this close, she was certain that a little sadness tinged his smile, and that made her hesitate. Torn between reaching for him and pulling away, she parted her lips a little. As though taking it as a signal, he leaned forward and kissed her.

Time stopped for a breathless instant and she sat completely still, her eyes closed, her mind focused on the warmth & pressure of his lips. Then she lifted her arms to embrace him and inhaled deeply, smelling soap and aftershave. Suddenly aware of his hands on her back she leaned into him, the kiss growing more intense as she ran fingers up his neck and into his hair. The tips of their tongues touched as his hands slid down her body, curling fingers around her hips and pulling her to him, pressing as much of their bodies against each other as possible. Her legs wrapped around him, holding him with all the strength they could muster. Her fingers contracted, grabbed one handful of shirt and another of hair, and she felt his breath hitch in a tiny shudder as his arms lifted to enfold her.

After what seemed like a long time, the intensity started to wane and they began to relax. Gradually they disentangled themselves and looked into each other’s eyes. She started to say something just as he did, and they both laughed. Her fears at ease, she smiled and pulled him forward for a second kiss.

About Leo Tarvi

Mostly fictional.

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  1. Wow. Chills. A tear or two. Wow.

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