Search the Ides of March

Great to see you everybody! Did you all bring your knives? Julius should be here in a little while, he’s going to be so surprised! While we wait, here are the search engine queries that led people to my blog over the last 30 days. As usual, search terms are bold while my commentary is italic.

nude photo revolutionary calender #1, and makes me proud that I may have helped promote this in some tiny way.

sansa sandor fanfiction Are you still harping on that? I’ll get around to it eventually…

sandor sansa fanfic Don’t wanna!

nude photo revolutionary calender’ Searched twice with that mysterious apostrophe, interesting.

i have done many flavor of linux Well, good for you, Timmy! Have any suggestions? I like Ubuntu’s repositories, but the sluggish, clunky performance is really starting to grate on me.

aliaa magda elmahdy has provided more traffic to my blog than any other two subjects combined, at least if we exclude Sandor/Sansa fanfic.

interet of fairness I had to double check to make sure I didn’t have that typo in my post. Whew!

petrifying look Ha! Made my saving throw again!

fuck and sucik “Sucik” is apparently a not-too-uncommon family name. Typos can be educational!

truth behind supernatural I don’t know, ask R C Murphy, I think she watches that show.

sansa fan fic Writing fiction is hard!

sansa and sandor fanfiction Wow, you fanfic readers are really persistent!

leap years for leo Yes! Give me more leap years!

egypt naked I like the mental image that gives me: The entire nation just going through the day like normal, while naked.

is prolificity Is it?

brain overheats Just a few more months and that’s where I’ll be. The last several years our first day with temps over 100 were in early to mid May.

lwo tarvi I’m going to assume that you want me to rule what will be remembered as the Last World Order, because it was so awesome that nobody ever wanted to overthrow it!

aliaa magda fuking Could be worse, at first I thought it said “Puking,” ew!

leo legal doc This seems to bring up a tag search on my blog, which would probably be more useful if I tagged every post that linked a legal document with it. Oops?

parents action league Assholes.

kathy tingelstad shame She should be ashamed.

my experience getting lost I have an awful lot of it myself. To be honest I kind of enjoy getting lost, that’s usually when I find the really interesting places!

naked egypt Did this return a meaningfully different result that “egypt naked” above?

is prolificity a word I still don’t know.

gay hidden gay tube This month’s favorite search! I have no idea how it led to me, probably wasn’t Google because I went through ten pages without seeing my blog.

mallorie nasrallah Is awesome.

human fucking .com.I have no idea. I like the period at the end, though. The “” domain seems to be available, if anyone’s interested. Could be used for an uncensored site about human sexuality, that might be a site worth creating.

leo tarvi You rang?

#nudephotorevolutionary I love that this exists. I love that we live in a world where it is possible for this to exist. I hate that we live in a world where it is necessary for this to exist.

nudephotorevolutionary calender Go buy it!

nude revolutionary calender Or download a free pdf!

naked egypien I find the missing “T” endearing myself, sort of like a child with a lisp.

Ok, that’s the search terms for this month, they’ll be back on the 15th of April and then… oh! Here comes Julius, everybody hide! This is gonna be great, I can’t wait to see the look on his face!

Come on in, Jules!

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