Search term adventures (in tights!)

Once again it’s the fifteenth, so let’s take a look at what people are typing into search engines that lead them here. As usual, the search terms are bold while my commentary is italic.

amina al filali It’s just heartbreaking. I can only hope that her story generated enough public outrage to change things.

fanfiction sansa stark sandor clegane I see the fanfic fervor is as strong as ever. I really will get around to it one day. 

nudephotorevolutionary aliaa magda elmahdy Is still awesome

burlesque and objectification As time goes by burlesque seems less and less relevant to objectification to me. That might just be bills proposed by the Republican party pushing Overton’s Window out. 

amina al-filali Speaking of objectification… did the judge even consider her safety at all? Shouldn’t protecting her have been high on the law’s priorities?

1888 century sex videos Porn from the distant future is a pretty silly way to use a time machine. But I admit I was curious enough to go get what I’m told is a very hot selection from the year 188,778. Unfortunately, the format won’t be compatible until sometime during the next ice age…

rights and citizenship I’m starting to think high school is too late for civics class. We should start on that in elementary school and keep teaching it well into college.

19 century sex vdo It’s just barely possible that an authentic example exists. If you find it please send me a link. Good luck!

19 century sex diary Hey, I know where to find one of those!

sansa sandor fanfiction I cannot believe how many of these I get. Not entirely convinced it isn’t all Jeni trying to push me into hurrying up. When it’s finished! (Or at least started)

19th century sex videos Why stop at the 19th century? Why not go way back to Ye Olde Sexxe Shoppe for Ye Olde Porne Flickes? Of course I know the answer: because Victorian underwear is just hot.

lisa howell nude pics I laughed for ten minutes straight when I saw this. I don’t think she has any nudes but you can check out her work here!

mantyhose I don’t mind the concept, but what an awful name! Hope something interesting comes out of that fashion trend.

adventures in tights Awesome! I want to have adventures in tights. It worked for Robin Hood!

sandor clegane fanfiction 2012 I’m seriously starting to consider skipping this in next month’s search post. 

why love needs explaination Why, indeed? Even if love looks a little strange to you, isn’t it still love?

crowdsourcing movies Do it! Do more of it!

adventures of leo tarvi Welcome! I love this one because there’s just no doubt that they were looking for me. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

roman catholic church I’m actually starting to develop a prejudice against Catholics because they continue to materially support this institution which just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s not just the misogyny, bizarre sex hangups, authoritarianism, disregard for human suffering, lies about women’s health, and the emotional, sexual and physical abuse of children, it’s that these are cherished values enshrined into the church’s policies.

humanfuking I like it. Simple. Stark. The weird spelling gives it personality and a brandable name, while clearly saying what it’s about.

19 centuary sex videos Misspellings can create interesting concepts sometimes. I’m not sure what a “centuary” would be, but I imagine something to do with the number 100. Are there 100 centuaries, or is it a place related to 100 somehow, like where you celebrate your 100th birthday? Oh I know, it’s the memorial celebrating 100 years of something, like a big park complex with a statue or obelisk or something. “I’ll meet you in the centuary. Bring the money.” Oh I like that!

sansa sandor fan fiction AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!

paleozoic adventures The Paleozoic Era started with the Cambrian Period about 550 million years ago and ended with the Permian Extinction around 250 million years ago, the largest extinction event on Earth to date. (And hopefully the largest until the planet stops being habitable) It was during this Era that biological life got really interesting, only for most of it to get wiped out. The Permian Extinction cleared the way for the dinosaurs, so most 7 year olds would probably agree that it was worth it. Certainly would be a good time for adventures, warm up the time machine!

it’s so easy to join tarvi fink u feel What?! So easy to join what? Join me? Who feels what? Are you calling me a fink? What!?

Three more references to Sandor/Sansa fanfic have been deleted. Neighbors report hearing shouts, sobs, things being violently broken, and two gunshots from Mr. Tarvi’s office/residence/squat. No one has bothered to check in there yet, we’ll give it a day or two first.

i’m just promoting myself Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t include any identifying info, or I’d be promoting you too!

prostitution leo It’s true I’ve been looking for a job, but I don’t think that’s the right career path for me. For starters, I’d have an awful time attracting clients…

burzynski is an asshole Yes, yes he is. 

tarvi At your service!

“hang to the right” Solidarity.

taslima prostitution Something the interests me is that she seems to have trouble imagining any woman disagreeing with her about it, to the point where she seems to assume that anyone who does has been brainwashed. I should really write more about this subject.

“american life league” Bwahahaha! I could just barely imagine a very self-centered asexual person believing that teenagers had to be “hooked on sex”, but the idea that multiple people would think this and band together to fight the evils of Planned Parenthood’s dark and secret scheme to turn adolescents into sex addicts so they can sell abortions is just laughable. They may well be very serious people who are a genuine danger to the sexual health and education of young people, but the group is so ridiculous I find it hard to do anything but point and laugh at them.

Well, that’s it for this month’s search terms. Tough to pick a favorite between “lisa howell nude pics” and “adventures in tights”, but I think the tights just barely win out. Maybe we can have adventures in tights as we search for Lisa Howell’s nude pics?

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  1. Well, to be quite accurate – Lisa Howell does have nudes. She paints them, occasionally. To see most of those one has to email the artist directly with an inquiry. lol. If, on the other hand, the search was for nudes OF Lisa Howell, well… again, probably not something one will easily find on the internet…but perhaps an inquiry… lmao. 😀

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