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It’s the 15th, and I’m glad. Those huge posts I wrote during the last week wiped me out. As always on the 15th, here’s the list of search terms that brought people to my blog over the last 30 days.

Remember search terms are bold while my commentary is italic

sandor sansa fanfic Starting off with the San/San, I see. I’m starting to want to not ever write it just for spite. 

19th century sex videos Seriously, if you actually find some from the actual 19th century send me a link!

cycling in tights Might be just the thing if you live in a cold area. I’m not sure, I’ve only actually worn tights once or twice, many years ago. 

nudephotorevolutionary I love that it exists, but hate that it’s needed. 

what does janie qs mean ? If I ever find out, I’ll be sure to pass it on!

maja wolna nude Possibly my favorite picture in the nudephotorevolutionary calendar, it’s very striking and very human. 

the dangers feminism Might be a good name for a band!

what’s up with npr What, indeed?

subculture – girl scouts The girl scouts are a subculture now? What?

tarvi That’s me!

mantyhose My favorite summer outfit is cargo shorts and a loose floral print button shirt, and it just occurred to me that if I added hose I could wear that well into autumn, even early winter! Of course, by the time it cools off I’m usually sick of wearing that, but it’d be nice to have the option…

leo tarvi Hi!

alyaa magda elmahdysex For fuck’s sake, people, there’s a whole internet of porn out there! She’s just standing there nude, it’s not sex pics, it’s not porn, it’s not even very erotic. The whole point was “I can wear as much or as little as I damn well please”, if it’s that hard to find nude photos in your country then clearly you need to tell your government to back off the restrictions. 

http://www.homo tarvi läll.com If you’re the person who entered this search, please tell me what you were looking for, the curiosity is driving me mad!

sandor clegane sansa stark fanfic I’m going to be seeing this on my stats page for the entire life of this blog, aren’t I.

carol ann skjellerup Is awesome. But who was looking for her?

kristina arden Is also awesome, and the same question applies!

history of human fucking how start Well I think I’ve found this month’s winner! Of course, human fucking predates history by a long, long time, and in fact started at the same time as humanity. A subgroup of primate fucking, human fucking originated with the very first humans, and remains a popular form of fucking to this day. I must admit it’s my personal favorite. 

battlestar galactica crazy stuff No kidding, in the fourth season it kinda felt like the writers were in a corner, getting desperate, and started hitting the controlled substances looking for a way to end the show. They did find one, but I wasn’t especially satisfied. 

spider jerusalem writing style I don’t think I did a great job capturing his style, but it was an awful lot of fun to try! I should do that again sometime.

tarvi j No no, this is tarvi l, you’ve gone too far, j is two doors back. 

sex.vdo If you find any on my site, I’d be very interested to know where they came from! I’m also fascinated by “vdo” as an abbreviation for “video”, it’s so clear what it means, yet I’ve only ever seen it here in my search stats. 

dana mccaffery Poor kid never had a chance. Heartbreaking. 

we are not anti gat we are pro marriage Not quite, check for typos and try again!

“we are not anti-gay; we are pro-marriage,” That’s what they said. It’s hard for me to see that as anything but a transparent lie. I suppose they might really believe it, but actions speak louder than words and changing state constitutions is a pretty clear action.

sandor sansa review Sorry, if I ever get around to writing the thing you’re welcome to come back and review it!

leo supernatural Well if I were I certainly wouldn’t admit it here!

sex from the 19sentury sex tube I’m not sure what the 19sentury sex tube is or was, but I’d be interested in learning a little about it!

feminist marriage  One of the more laughable concepts I’ve heard of. I never did work out why straight men would be marrying each other in that crazy fantasy world. But then I couldn’t understand how or why straight women would be marrying each other for a profit, either. Something about the bizarre belief that children with no men around somehow translate to money. Bizarre.

theory of evolution Well, if you were looking for something scholarly I hope you kept searching and found it! 

sandor clegane fanfiction The simple truth is that I really don’t know how to write fiction. I keep meaning to take a creative writing class, or something along those lines. 

mouthyb Had a rough life, and wrote about it very well. 

“atheist census” I’m not opposed to the idea in principle, but something about the way it’s being handled sets off warning lights in my head. It just feels wrong somehow.

women of walmart I’m not exactly sure what you were looking for, but if it was the origin of the phrase “little janie qs” I’m still in the dark myself. 

what does “janie q” mean It means that the “war on women” is not a new, recent thing, but the same one women and feminists and those who want equality have been fighting throughout history. It’s the same war fought in the 60s, the same one fought in the 20s. The same war that saw underwire bras hailed as a sign of women’s freedom and then burned a generation or two later as a symbol of oppression. The same war that saw women slowly claw their way into property rights, voting rights, and equal footing in the marriage contract. Gradually becoming complete people not just in the eyes of individuals, but in the eyes of the law. It fell out of the public eye for a bit, but with the GOP launching aggressive new offensives it’s clearly not over yet. 

homeopathy Bunk.

sandor clegane and sansa stark fanfiction When I do this search term roundup for the very last time, I’m probably going to see this. Even if it’s two hundred years from now and I’m just a brain in a jar or something. 

atheist census Wish I knew more about the people behind it. 

amanda palmer middle name “Fucking”, obviously! Well, if you must know, it’s in the tags on my post about her kickstarter.

And that’s all for this month! This month’s favorite was easily history of human fucking how start. It just makes you wonder what they meant, doesn’t it? Still way behind on my posts, and not likely to do any catching up today. I mean, usually this is my slacker easy day for the month, but search term day is always a fun day!

Have a great evening, or whatever’s appropriate for your time zone.

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