Annular Eclipse!

These were, sadly, the best photos I managed to get. Taken through two welding mask filters.

Looks just like the moon through green cellophane, doesn’t it?

This was taken right at the edge of one of the filters, which is why there’s a double image.

The thick tree leaves acted as hundreds of pinhole cameras, projecting the eclipse over every surface.

The shadows are really amazing to me, I’m not going to look at complex shadows the same ever again.

The height of the eclipse, as seen from central California.

I think it’s interesting how the peak of the thing looks like the first one rotated.

That was the best I got. There’s some video too, but it doesn’t really show anything you can’t see here so I’m probably not going to bother posting it.

People in the right path got a better show than I did, though. Since the Moon is at apogee, its apparent size is much smaller than the Sun’s, so if you were centered under it the Sun would appear to be a blazing ring around a dark spot! You wouldn’t be able to see that with the naked eye, of course, unless you managed to be at just the right spot at sunset, perhaps. I’m sure if anyone got any good photos of that they’ll turn up soon!

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