Oh yeah? Well I’ll just sue EVERYBODY!

This is what I get for thinking I could take time off to enjoy myself. I leave the internet for a week and nearly miss one of the most impressive lawsuits ever filed. And by “impressive” I mean “stupid”.

You may recall Charles Carreon as the lawyer who sent a ridiculous threat of legal action to a webcartoonist a couple of weeks ago. The situation has escalated since. (All of Popehat’s posts on this case can be found at this tag search.) Carreon has actually filed suit against:

  1. Matthew Inman, the cartoonist,
  2. indiegogo.com, the site Inman is using to collect the funds,
  3. the two named charities, the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society, and
  4. up to 100 unknown people, presumably he’ll fill in the names as he discovers them.

Yes, he’s really suing the charities. He doesn’t actually say why in his complaint, it just trails off near the end of paragraph 6, like he couldn’t think of anything and intended to go back and add a reason later. 

Interestingly, Funnyjunk is not listed as a plaintiff. Either they intend to file the originally threatened lawsuit separately or Funnyjunk wised up and decided to stay the hell away from this shitstorm.

Honestly, this is getting less funny the more I read about it. I read paragraph 38 of his complaint, which begins thus:

38. Plaintiff is a contributor to the Bear Love campaign, and made his contribution with the intent to benefit the purposes of the NWF and the ACS. Plaintiff is acting on his own behalf and to protect the rights of all other contributors to the Bear Love campaign to have their reasonable expectation that 100% of the money they contributed would go to a charitable purpose.

and I compare it to this statement he made to Digital Life:

“I really did not expect that he would marshal an army of people who would besiege my website and send me a string of obscene emails,” he says.

“I’m completely unfamiliar really with this style of responding to a legal threat — I’ve never really seen it before,” Carreon explains. “I don’t like seeing anyone referring to my mother as a sexual deviant,” he added, referencing the drawing Inman posted.

and I try to imagine how he could be acting in good faith with that contribution, how it could be a genuine attempt to help rather than manufacturing more reasons to sue. Call me a cynic, but I don’t buy it.

I don’t really have much to add here, the lawyers at Popehat or Lowering the Bar can address this much more usefully than I can. I’ll try to keep an eye on this, though.

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