Canadians deserve better!

Happy Canada Day!

So, I subscribe to the poem-a-day email list from I’m not really a big fan of poetry, the few that I like I really, really like, but most of them don’t do much for me. Today’s daily poem is allegedly in honor of Canada, and probably the worst poem I’ve seen since I first subscribed to that email list.

It’s hilariously bad, I found myself feeling a lot of sympathy for Canada.

This is the poem that appeared in my email this morning, feel free to tell me if there’s some context or knowledge I’m lacking that makes it seem worse than it is.

Birth of Canada as a Nation, July First, 1867
by James McIntyre

Hail Britannia’s noblest daughter,
Who is surrounded by the water
Of many a lake and broad sea,
Land of beaver and of maple tree.

Her lofty brow is wreathed with smiles,
For from the far Atlantic isles
In pomp have come their delegates,
All seeking to unite their fates.

With Canada great northern queen,
And now throughout the land is seen,
High festival and stately dance,
Triumphant nuptials to advance.

And soon shall Red River valley
And distant Vancouver rally,
To form this Empire gigantic
From Pacific to Atlantic.

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