They’re coming to get you…

This is pretty cool. Zombies, Run! turns jogging into a video game. I found it from this cartoon, and I have to admit that if I had a smartphone and running shoes I’d seriously consider getting it.

From what I’ve seen the scenario is pretty simple, you’re Runner 5, out to retrieve supplies and equipment after a zombie apocalypse. You have a radio link back to base, over which you’ll receive mission updates and warnings about roving undead.

The idea that there would be electricity but not fossil fuels doesn’t bother me, but why people on foot instead of bicycles or horses? Well, because then you wouldn’t be running, of course.

Anyways, it uses your smartphone as a pedometer and plays the music tracks of your choice, occasionally interrupting with things like “Zombies behind you, run faster!” and you have to pick up the pace for a minute or be eaten. Some comments I’ve seen say it has very good voice acting, which would make a really big difference in this kind of game. After your run you can use the stuff you retrieved to upgrade your stronghold.

Much as I’m generally sick of the walking dead genre, I love this. This is the sort of stuff we should be making, imagination in your daily life. I hope we’ll see more games like this as the technology gets even cheaper and more widespread.

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  1. Kristina Arden

    Lol, I love it. Going to try and find that app.

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