Another month of search terms

I’m really sick of the heat. I’d like to write more, but I’m just constantly exhausted these days. From the moment I wake until I finally fall into a fitful sleep. Blah. The local weather being what it is, I’ll probably still be feeling this way when I serve up next month’s search terms, but it should start to cool off before the month after that. I don’t have a problem with summer itself, it just wears out its welcome, that’s all.

Anyway, mostly this month we have repeats. I’m trying to cut down on the feedback effect, so I won’t be showing most of those. Still haven’t worked out how to exclude a category of posts from search engines. Annoying.

Let’s do this, as usual the search terms are bold while my comments are italic


lisa howell wants to fuck you Yes Lisa, I know.

cs lewis memes I’m intrigued by how quickly “a picture, game or quiz people spread around social networking sites” became a definition of “meme”. We were using it that way back in the Livejournal days.

leos in this year leap year It’s been a year of joy and sorrow, of wonders and delights and painful wounds, both old and new. It feels like there’s never been a moment that wasn’t filled with hope or despair, and often both at once. And the year’s not over yet. But I speak only for myself, you’ll have to survey other Leos on your own.

camel skull+teeth Take that, Pliny the Elder!

dick puns Are not common enough on this blog that a search engine should lead you here!

tarvi At your service!

leo theyre coming for you Quick, escape plan blue!

15th century sex videos No luck here, you’ll have to try Ye Olde Porne Shoppe.

moral courage nonfiction Far too rare in this world. This blog could use some more of it, too.

most people wont repost Nor should they. They should, however, absolutely be sharing links to this blog!

#nudephotorevolutionary I’m proud to write in a blog that gets hits from this search.

knowledge of the ancients Absolutely worth preserving and studying, but as we learned from Pliny the Elder, even the most knowledgeable of them could be shockingly wrong at times. So always double check before you trust ancient knowledge!

the patriarchy is confirmation bias Interesting, but I really don’t think it’s that simple. Confirmation bias is probably a big part of why the fucking patriarchy is so invisible, though.

lisa howell naked Hot.

irrational fear in children bloody mary Of course, the most horrifying part of an irrational fear is the idea that perhaps, in some way, it’s not irrational at all.

tarvi-porno You’ll never find it. Those tapes were destroyed!

leo paranormal investigator If I thought I could make an honest living at it, I’d love that job!

i want to drink myself to death There are worse ways to go, but it’s more expensive than you might think. And not nearly as fun as it sounds.

leo hasidi md uralogidt I don’t have the slightest idea what this is about. Google Translate came up empty. Weird.

what will classrooms look like in 100 years A fascinating question, and one I don’t have a good answer to. I’d like to imagine high-tech, well-funded and carefully thought-out places where knowledge and real learning are emphasized. But I also recall a conversation with someone who thought computers and internet were wasteful toys and classrooms should be more like they were in the 19th century. How, exactly, kids were expected to learn to live in the 21st century without learning to use computers and internet was never explained to me.

tarvi-porno-sex Not gonna happen.

big old tree that dreams series Is awesome.

And that’s all I have for you this month. Feels like I should say something more here, but it’s hot and I feel awful, so the hell with it.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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  1. How the hell is it my name keeps coming up in all this? Am I someone’s long-lost-something? Someone, somewhere, knows something… lol

    • Either there’s someone else with the same name or you have a stalker, I guess. Only came up three times in the last month, so it’s not too bad.

      • Well, a quick Googling makes it clear that “Lisa Howell” could be, perhaps is, a ballerina, a photographer, an artist, a LinkedIn and Facebook user, ‘Satan’s Lil Bitch’, a physiotherapist with at least one publication credit, a woman beaten by a man named Scott, an attorney, a realtor, a pathologist, married, single, divorced, and kinky. She lives in the south, or is that the north – no, possibly Australia. Google returns millions and millions of hits on Lisa Howell. This, btw, is the big reason my art, my business cards, and my web page all id as M Elisabeth Howell – that Googles in a much more promising way (for me), with all but one of the hits on the first search page referencing me. 🙂

        I checked the images… Lisa Howell has not even one image of me in the first several pages of results. Using M Elisabeth Howell gets a full page of images of my work, and a couple of me. No porn. No porn at all. lol.

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