Another month of search terms.

Spending an evening with friends cooking and canning and drinking mulled wine is a fine thing, a good idea. Continuing until after three in the morning is less good. Then sitting down & chatting is probably not a great plan, but hey, you need to get your laid-back socialization in. But opening the bottle of blackberry brandy was clearly a bad idea.

That was Wednesday night. Yesterday one of these people there fell ill, and today I’m feeling sick. At least there’s rain to cheer me up!

If you’re thinking that I’ve missed my search terms, fear not! I didn’t get the post written yesterday, but I did get the search page loaded up with the proper 30-day period listed. So the post is a day late, but the terms are correct! I’ll be skipping the repeats unless I think of something to say that makes me laugh, and as usual the search terms are bold while my commentary is italic.

number military aircraft country I’m having great fun imagining this coming from the intelligence agency of a small country whose budget doesn’t allow for much beyond publicly available resources. But that thought makes me wonder how much the CIA uses Google.

police do nothing Tempting thought it is to make a doughnut joke, it’s some serious shit when a politician is beating someone up right next to a cop and the cop just turns his back. Nothing good ever comes of letting someone be above the law.

battlestar landing ships I wonder if this was looking for ships landing on a Battlestar, or the versatile Raptor landing craft that the Galactica carries?

witches bureau of investigation I very much enjoyed both books and wish I had more kids in my life to recommend them to. Well done, Richard Capwell!

aircraft carrier in the adventure I had an idea once for a story about a modern warship getting transported to a fantasy world and carefully rationing out the overwhelming advantage their technology gave them because it was a limited resource with no chance of resupply. Never got around to doing anything with it because of the research and accounting it would require, but I remember wanting to have the now-derelict ship make an appearance in a sequel or epilogue. If only ideas were all it took

lisa howell naked pictures If I had any, I probably wouldn’t share them. I’m greedy like that.

nudephotorevolutionary The last news I heard of Egypt was not heartening. It sounds like that country is becoming more violent and oppressive than it was before the Arab Spring. Such a fucking waste.

william ernest henley the adventures of I wonder what adventures Henley had? Beyond that one poem I know nothing of the man.

greece christian violence Another country becoming more violent and oppressive. I was really hoping the Information Age would cut down on shit like this, but it seems the old formula of power and arrogance is still effective.

is girl scouts a subculture? Isn’t everything?

“show don’t tell” wrong While there are certainly situations where a little exposition is faster and just as effective, I still think “show, don’t tell” is a good general rule to make occasional exceptions to.

us and china military comparison The U.S. spends about five times the budget and has eleven big aircraft carriers to China’s one. That’s about all I can tell you on the subject.

jim tarvi No relation.

amazon scott corbett kindle Yes! Do this Amazon! We’ll give you money! I wonder if those books would be as fun to me now as they were when I was ten.

how to work human fucking Aliens who need help with their human breeding program, or human victim of ignorance-based sex education? Planned Parenthood has excellent information here.

“not straight anymore” and guess i’m not straight I, too, was surprised to learn that my attraction to women is apparently an artifact of denial, as heterosexuality is clearly illegal under the New Gay Order.

my experience of being lost easy There are many great adventures to be found in getting lost easy. I’m usually slightly lost, which actually makes navigation easier, you don’t worry about getting unlost, you just try to keep moving in the right direction.

tarvi drug Well, I am slightly addictive...

slenderman and leo I’ll just be running away now.

tarvi tablet Someday when I have nothing better to do, I’ll write up that story. It’s boring, really, which is why I haven’t made time for it.

who is digital cuttlefish You ask me who the Digital Cuttlefish is? Awesome, that’s who.

tarvi orgasm Yes, please!

leo tarvi Hello!

people who resent their own children What a sad phrase, I’m a little disappointed that it led here. When I searched my blog for this phrase the posts that came up tended to be depressing news. It also contained some of my best writing, as though I’m at my best when I’m shouting at people for being horrible to other people. 

notstraightanymore aids I was puzzled by the lack of spaces, it made me think they were looking for something specific. And once I remembered to click the link that told Google not to try to correct the spelling, it turns out that “notstraightanymore” is the handle of a forum troll who posted (or still posts?) disturbing stories of his quest to get HIV and spread it around. Oh, that wacky internet!

And that’s my search terms for the month. Apparently some people out there associate me with drugs & orgasms, and I’m really not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, I’m off to an extra-long hot shower, and then warm clothes and tea. Have a great day everyone.

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  1. LOL – who are these people looking for naked pictures of me? Or are they looking for my nudes in oil and acrylic? Do they ever find my web page?

  2. Is the tarvi orgasm the tarvi drug, or is the tarvi tablet?

    And Scott Corbett *should* be on Kindle! He is as awesome as blackberry brandy is not.

    • I’m hearing Bill Cosby’s voice, “The tarvi drug comes in the tarvi tablet, and causes the tarvi orgasm!”

      I’m totally setting aside money just to buy Scott Corbett books on Kindle.

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