Winter Searching

It’s that time again, time to dig into my site stats and see what search terms bring people here. This is a post from my phone, as I still don’t have access to a proper keyboard, so it may be a little shorter than most months.

As usual, search terms are bold while my commentary is italic.

porno tarvi I’m telling you, it doesn’t exist and you’ll never find it!

human fucking I still kind of want to start a raw, uncensored human sexuality site called humanfucking.something.

aliaa elmahdy uncensored fuck Good grief, you’re pathetic.

tarvi rani Wasn’t the Rani a character from Doctor Who? Despite my unearthly awesomeness, I am not a time lord.

19th century sex video Seriously, if anyone finds one let me know!

adventures leo tarvi Welcome!

drunk in the hottub One of my favorite luxuries, and the setting for many interesting conversations!

just want to drink myself to death It’s more expensive than I expected, in the end I couldn’t afford it. Whoever you are, I hope you find a better life instead. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

memes of you won’t repost this I had a few variations on this one. I have complete contempt for those things, they are manipulative and hollow. And a sort of bragging by implication. Disgusting.

hasidic assholes Assholes are everywhere, but the ones who cloak their assholishness in ideology seem to be the most effective. Shame it’s so hard for us to think clearly.

leo transgendr Tell me, does it really make a difference?

atheist census I haven’t paid much attention lately, but it seems like it went away, came back, and then got DDOS’ed. Fun times.

fang banger porn Excuse me while I giggle childishly.

leo planned parenthood trivia Planned Parenthood has trivia nights! Sounds like a fun and interesting thing, I’ll have to try to attend one someday.

pastors preaching hate Far too common these days… or maybe now we’re just noticing them more. When I can I’ll shine a light on those cockroaches.

sexvdoi I don’t have the slightest idea what this is. Maybe a drunk trying to type “sex video” or some local equivalent, but it’s more fun to imagine something else. Sunday night, sex vs doi!

lisa howell porn I keep asking her for some, but she never sends any.

richard capwell Author of the WBI books, which are great fun, and other books that I haven’t read. I’ll have to check out some of his other stuff when I find some time.

wish on runes I’ve never heard of someone wishing on runes before, but I suppose it would work as well as wishing on anything else.

what is it called me giving special privileges Well Timmy, privilege is a complicated thing. One of the hallmarks of privilege is reinforcing and enabling the privilege of other privileged people, giving special privileges to others and considering them entitlements or natural rights, and then throwing tantrums and claiming to be persecuted when these privileges are removed. Even if they are removed by extending them to everyone, interestingly.

leotarvi wordpress You found it!

And that wraps up another month of search terms. I’ll have more two weeks after the new year, and hopefully some more blogging soon.

Take care everyone!

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  1. Should I listen for two heartbeats?

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