Greta Speaking in San Francisco Sunday 1/13 » Greta Christinas Blog

Greta Speaking in San Francisco Sunday 1/13 » Greta Christinas Blog.

I’m thinking of going to see Greta Christina speak tomorrow, partly because she’s generally awesome, partly because the subject is interesting to me, partly because it’s an excuse to get out into San Francisco, but mostly because I want to see the famous shoes which caused so much controversy.

Something that was said in the comments was interesting to me, the idea that if a man buys an expensive pair of dress shoes, it’s a valid investment in professional attire, while if a woman does this it’s a frivolous fashion expense.

I haven’t really encountered this attitude, but it does fit perfectly into the sort of casual sexism I see pretty much everywhere. The “can’t win” part fits, certainly. Consider: A woman who buys a well-made pair of shoes for work is criticized for spending so much on fashion, while a woman buying & wearing cheap shoes will be criticized for her unprofessional appearance.

The other things that come to mind are first that I should have given those boots at the vintage clothing store more of a chance, and that considering how much I walk (and the Sam Vimes “boots” theory of economic unfairness) it may well be worthwhile for me to save up and buy a $200-$300 pair of shoes. As long as I can find something that goes well with everything, of course.

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  1. May I help shop? You know how I feel about boots.

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