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Been so busy I barely noticed that I missed my usual day. I thought about it once on the 15th and probably twice yesterday, but it’s only now that I have both time and presence of mind to do it. So here are the highlights for the last 30 days! As usual, search terms are bold while my comments are italic.

the big old tree that dreamed I want more!

leo transgender blog No, though I do write about trans issues from time to time.

most of my friends wont repost this, but when odin When Odin what? Don’t leave me in suspense, what did Odin do?!

“greta christina” shoes She should start her own line. “Manufactured Controversy”, stylish yet practical shoes by Greta Christina!

fangbanger porn movie I am not going to repeat this search, despite the curiosity. 

“tarvi forward” Yes, always forward!

tarvo gay porno Doesn’t exist, I’m telling you!

italy military expenditures I have no idea why that led to my blog.

freaky sex roles Sorry, all positions are filled at this time, but feel free to fill out an application for later!

candlelight vigil fresno leo I wish I’d managed to get out there for that. 

mouthyb I’m surprised this one led here. But that story is certainly worth reading.

if we dont make a change Let’s not find out. Let’s make a change.

Well, that’s all for this month. As usual, I’ll try to write more before next time, and as usual I’m sure I won’t write as much as I’d like. Take care everyone.

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Mostly fictional.

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  1. These were exceptionally good. You *do* get a lot of sexy ones. :picks up application, just in case:

  2. Finally, the global fervor for Lisa Howell p0rn has died down. LMAO. 😉

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