A weaker target

Got an email this morning from Courage Campaign, informing me that the people behind prop 8 are now attacking a law that attempts to protect trans kids from discrimination and bullying. My immediate reaction is that being no longer able to beat up gay adults with prop 8, they looked for a more vulnerable target and chose trans children.

The rationale given for opposing this anti-bullying measure is the old narrative that a trans woman is just a man in drag, so they’re trying to keep boys out of the girl’s locker rooms. Look, the social fallout for being a teenage boy who sneaks into the girl’s locker room is very slight, often effectively non-existent, while the consequences of being perceived as trans, or just not hetero-normative, start with bullying and go all the way to murder. You’re bravely defending the strong from the weak, here.

Anyway, mobile posts encourage me to be brief so I’ll sign off here. Take care!

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  1. I wasn’t event aware of this until just now, sigh. Thank you for getting the word out – this is definitely wrong and deserves, no – REQUIRES, serious discussion. Inform yourselves, fight stigmas on all fronts! Thank you Leo Tarvi!

  2. I tried to rate this important post 5/5, but it accidentally went up as 4/5 – my apologies.

  3. I can’t believe how many typos I found in this! Think I fixed them all now. Posting mobile is too much work!

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