The Future of this Blog

I suppose I should start by saying that this blog does have a future.

That may be surprising to some of you. Over the last few years I’ve written less and less here, to the point where any thought about blogging tends to be followed immediately by wondering how long ago I last posted something. 

I’ve certainly been busy. I tend to work more than a 40 hour week, and any attempt at a social life takes up more time than it has any right to, and somehow I foolishly started buying Humble Bundles and found myself with hundreds of video games, most of which I’ve never played.

But writing is good for me. This last year, with so little writing in it, has made it very clear that writing is good for me, even if it’s just that little stance of defiance against the thing that made my childhood so painful. There is no better way to organize your thoughts than to put them into words; and if the thought loses some of its depth, if some of the complexity of the subject is sacrificed to bind it into clunky language, it is at least now in a form that can be worked on. Perhaps with practice, even that loss might be eliminated, though I suspect it would take more and more words to cover less and less nuance. It seems like the sort of thing that’s subject to diminishing returns.

Getting back to the point. I’m keeping this blog. Hopefully I’ll be using it more, but I’m hesitant to make any predictions about that because I’ve felt this way every single time I’ve done this before. There must be at least three posts already in my archive that talk about how I’ve missed writing and how I’m back and going to post more often. Usually followed by a long silence.

At the beginning of 2012, I set a goal to write one post, consisting of at least one coherent sentence, every day for the entire year. I failed at the letter of that goal, with a mere 258 posts, but in the spirit of the thing, which was to practice and improve my writing skills, I succeeded far beyond anything I’d expected. By the end of that year, I could write an essay in 90 minutes that was beyond anything I could have written in a whole week just a year or two before. I could string thousands of words in ornate language, or I could strip out the purple prose into a concise yet detailed account. I was frankly getting pretty good at it.

That post-a-day challenge so defined this blog that I still have “Daily Post” as my default category. I should really do something about that, I never did learn to categorize well.

I miss that. I don’t think a post a day in 2016 is realistic, I’m simply too busy. (Maybe if we allow tweets to count?) But I think I could do a post a week without trouble. I’ve certainly no shortage of subjects, I frequently want to write about something I’ve read or heard about.

I mean, Antonio Banderas wants to bring capes back into fashion! So many questions about that, not least where will they be on sale and how much will they cost? I could totally wear a Banderas cape.

I also have to consider the more technical side. While I love the style of this blog, the colors on black, it’s definitely in need of some maintenance. Also, something has to be done about the ads, I need to either pay to get rid of them, or start getting paid for having them. Either way, it’s clearly time for money to get involved.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this, I would like your opinion. Let me know what you think in the comments. About any of this, or anything even slightly relevant. I’m not promising that I’ll make any decisions based on it, but your opinion matters and you should share it.

I’ll probably let this incubate for a while before I decide anything. Except for that Skype button, I think that’s going away as soon as I post this.


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  1. leo, i cannot tell you how happy i am to see a new post from you! and not just one, but THREE new posts in the same day! i have missed your voice very much the last couple of years and i sincerely hope that you will share your thoughts with us as often as you can in 2016. once a week is great if that is what you can do, but i just want you to be assured that you have fans out here and we miss you when you are silent.

    • Nalla your words warm my heart. When I started writing yesterday I thought of you and wondered if you’d read these posts. Thank you so much for reading, and for your encouragement.

  2. So glad you’re gonna be back.

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