Shards of Glass

So this morning I had a lovely breakfast at The Cove on Castro, an excellent diner that I strongly recommend, and then sat down at Twin Peaks Tavern to sip a Bloody Mary and write a blog post.

This is not that post.

I was making good progress on my writing, despite working on my phone, and nearing the end of my drink when I heard a wail from outside and looked up to see a man sitting on a little hard shell suitcase and screaming at whatever internal demons were tormenting him. Seeing people in crisis like this is a part of city life, and you learn to sort of tune it out after a while and just get on with your day. Which is pretty much what I did, I felt sorry for the poor guy and then went back to trying to find the perfect set of words to describe how a coat should smell.

A few minutes later, the window exploded.


Screaming Guy had swung his little suitcase into the big window, sending glass flying everywhere. He promptly took off downhill, and passed out of my knowledge. After a shocked moment someone pursued, but I don’t know if anything came of that.

Nobody was hurt, although the two guys sitting at the table right in front of it abandoned their drinks in case of glass.

When things had calmed down a bit, I realized that my blog post hadn’t been saved and was lost forever. So that’s been my morning.

Sunday Update: During the afternoon, I noticed a typo in that post and opened up the WordPress app on my phone to fix it. After making the change and updating the post I hit the back button a few times, intending to exit the app, and was suddenly looking at an earlier draft of the post, and found that the post had been unpublished and reverted to that earlier, barely started version.

This sent me into a funk that lasted well into the evening and has more or less convinced me that the WordPress mobile app is more trouble that it’s worth. That was two posts yesterday that I lost to that app!

Many thanks to excellent person Tadhg for sending me a copy of this post, allowing me to restore it properly.

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