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Rainbow Raising

Zinnia tweeted a link to this and it got me thinking. The link is a blog called Raising My Rainbow about a five and a half year old boy, C.J., who has always drawn himself as a girl. The specific post that links to tells that C.J. just started kindergarten, apparently this school pairs up the kindergartners with sixth-graders, they call them “kinderbuddies”, and they read or do some activities together once a week. Excited about this, CJ drew the two of them together, depicting himself as a boy for the first time.

This exchange followed:

“Hey, Buddy…how come you drew yourself as a boy?” C.J.’s Dad asked casually.

“Oh, that’s because I didn’t want my Kinderbuddy to know that I like girl stuff,” C.J. said matter-of-factly.

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