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A Little Bible Study

Last night I saw this posted on social media. I probably would have skimmed right past it, but that first quote jumped out at me and I thought “Wasn’t that Abraham lying to his son, whom he was getting ready to murder?”

So I did a little bible study and looked up each of those references.

I’ll be pulling quotes from the King James Version, but if you’d like to compare different English translations BibleGateway will show you a whole page of the same verse in different versions.

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When I read the Bible.

That bible verse mentioned in my last post got me thinking about this. I was about 12 when I decided to read the Bible. I don’t recall who’d been talking about it, but they said things like “answers to all of life’s questions” and I had a thirst for knowledge, especially rare or secret knowledge. So I found a copy, I think a King James version, though my memory fails me here, and sat down to read it.

I didn’t make it all the way through. It was disappointing from the very first page, I recall thinking “It’s just another creation myth”, and it never got any better. If anything it got more and more boring as it left the imaginative fairy-tales behind and got into history and ancient politics and rules. I recall being amazed by how much space Leviticus devoted to the nakedness you weren’t supposed to see. As I worked through the Old Testament I skimmed more and more, thinking maybe when I got to the new part it would get better. I don’t think I got any farther than the genealogy in Matthew before I gave up.

I didn’t find any answers, certainly not to questions I’d been asking. I didn’t find any secret wisdom or mysterious knowledge. The lesson I took from the Old Testament was much more prosaic and a little bit cynical: An awful lot of people believe in this.  Read the rest of this entry

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