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Blackberry app!

Coming out of hiatus briefly to plug a Blackberry app for this very blog! A friend of mine made this, and I’m just tickled pink that it exists.

If you’re a Blackerry user & reader of this blog, download it free here!

In other news, things have gotten a little sticky for me since my last post, and I don’t have a full computer with a proper keyboard at the moment. So, unless I see something that piques my interest enough to blog from my phone, it’s probably going to be quiet here for a while longer yet.

That’s all for now. Take care everyone!

MRI birth

This is pretty cool, a human birth seen through magnetic resonance imaging. Shame it’s so short, it cuts out just as it gets interesting!

Anyone else get a sore neck in sympathy? No wonder babies are so squishy.

“Crepuscular” is my new word for today.

From Bad Astronomy, a couple of awesome photos showing how rays of sunlight through clouds seem to fan out from the Earth’s surface, but from orbit you can see that they are practically parallel. Awesome.

Look, you got a nice long post yesterday! Just click the link to the astronomer’s site and look at the pretty pictures. I’ll have something better tomorrow.

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