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The Mime’s Nightmare

Walking down the street, lost in thought. A shock of pain as his nose hits an unseen wall.

Taken aback, he notices the silence. All is quiet to him now, in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

He feels the smooth surface of the invisible wall, trying to find the edge. Instead he finds a corner, and then another.

Trapped on a crowded sidewalk, in an invisible box. The city’s pedestrians continue past him, deftly stepping aside.

He pounds on the walls and screams, but the people take no notice. They go about their business as if unaware of their surroundings.

He tries to lift, to shake, to rock, but the unseen prison will not move. The people ignore him, he is just another obstacle in the sidewalk.

He looks at the city, and it does not look back. He sees secrets, unexpected beauty and hidden ugliness, but he cannot share them.

With a sinking heart he realizes that they’re all in boxes, unseen personal prisons for each individual. While he cannot see the box that traps him, the crowd cannot see anything else.

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