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Fashion statements

It’s well known that things tend to happen in cycles. Apparently men’s tights are coming back into style now. To be honest, I’m a little angry about that.

Oh, I don’t mind the changing trends of fashion or that something could go from men to women and now both, or that these arrive just as I’m starting to really enjoy loose clothing. No, what really pisses me off is that they’re calling them “mantyhose”. Fucking mantyhose, people!

But, disgust over nomenclature aside, it raises some interesting questions about style. Male fashions separated from hosiery a long time ago, (I think during the 17th century, but I may be mistaken) and most menswear today is just so very different from then. I think it will take a while for the evolution of fashion to reach a point where you’ll see guys wearing them on casual Friday.

Personally, I’d love to see this combined with this. Don’t know what else to wear with that, but black leather and shiny steel comes to mind. Any suggestions?

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