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Evil Little Thing

I’ve been meaning to post about Jessica Ahlquist for a while now, but I keep feeling like there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said better by someone else already. Still, even if that’s true I haven’t said it yet, and besides this one really pisses me off.

First a brief recap. Several months ago, a high school student named Jessica Ahlquist at Cranston West High School in Rhode Island told the school administration that a big prayer banner hanging in the school was in violation of the Constitution. The administration decided to do nothing, the ACLU got involved, and last week a judge ordered the school to remove it. Since then young Ahlquist has been harassed and threatened to a shocking degree, because she asked her school to comply with the law.

For more details follow the links in that link above.

Last Thursday R.I. State Rep Peter Palumbo was on a radio show where he said that Jessica Ahlquist was “being coerced by evil people”. I’m still trying to work out how evil got into this.  Read the rest of this entry

Post stealing!

I wanted to blog about Jessica Ahlquist today, but it turns out that JT Eberhard already said everything I wanted to say, and more.

Funny thing is, if I’d written about it, and then seen Mr. Eberhard’s series of posts, I wouldn’t have minded at all. But somehow knowing those posts already exist completely takes the wind out of my sails.

So I guess this will do for a post unless I suddenly find something else to talk about.

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