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Why Creationism Horrifies Me, part one: The Puzzle

This morning I found that I had a new email follower from the blog “Adopting James“, an interesting project. Andrew Toy and his wife Sarabeth want to adopt a child, but in the interest of paying for food and bills and all those trivial things they’d like Andrew’s writing career to take off first and have created a blog to further that goal. For all that I disagree with them, I genuinely wish them luck on that.

One of the first posts I read there was “The “Horrors” of the Creation Theory Part 1“, and since I feel strongly on the subject myself I thought I’d write about what are, to me at least, the real horrors of this ideology. Since Andrew and Sarabeth are Christians, and Christian creationism is by far the most common in my country, I will use that as my example. Don’t forget, though, that there are also Muslim, Jewish and Hindu creationists, and likely others of which I am unaware.

Because I think it’s striking, I’ll start by imagining it to be true and looking at the world that implies, and the god that implies. If creationism is true, then God is terrifyingly dishonest, though not technically lying. Let me try to explain.  Read the rest of this entry

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