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A new year, a new posting goal

At the beginning of October I joined the Post a Day challenge, and for more than two months I successfully wrote and posted something every day. During the last quarter of 2011 I probably wrote more than I did during the entirety of the 1990’s.

Clearly, there was something to this.

So, I’m trying it again. The rules are simple, post something every day. I’m limiting myself to a single coherent sentence. If I post “Sorry, nothing today”, that still counts.

The reason behind such an easy goal is that it wasn’t when I had nothing to say that I had trouble, it was when I had a lot to say but couldn’t sort it out. Or when I wanted to talk about something but didn’t feel that I understood it and couldn’t find enough information about it. Occupy Wall Street is a fine example of that, every time I wanted to discuss it I felt like I couldn’t find enough details to really back up anything I had to say. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks dark thoughts about that.

Anyways, I’ve got a few ideas for this year, including a couple of serial projects to keep me going. One thing I’m absolutely going to do is not beat myself up if I miss a day, I’m just going to write an extra post, even if it’s utter fluff. The writing is its own end, the only goal is to have 366 posts for the year 2012 in one year’s time.

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