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Injury Update

It’s been two weeks now since I fell down the stairs. For the most part I’m doing well, I can move with only a slight limp and at this point there’s only any pain if I do something stupid like try to put weight on that toe.

Did you know that when you walk a sizable part of your body weight is supported by your big toe? I didn’t realize that until I couldn’t do it anymore.

Fatigue is now a bigger problem than pain. Today I went shopping, and it was exhausting. I took the cane, even though I’m not using it inside the house anymore. I figured there would probably be a difference between walking around the house, where I can sit down at any moment, and walking around a store where I’m on my feet constantly. I’m very, very glad I did that.

It took more than two hours and I now have a bruise on the palm of my hand from leaning on that stick.

This actually sounds worse than it is. The injury itself is healing quickly, and when I accidentally put some weight on it there weren’t wailing alarms in my head like before, though it still hurt. At this point I’m having much more trouble from secondary aches and pains due to walking funny for the last two weeks.

And I just realized that I’m procrastinating from the NaNoWriMo book by stretching this post out. I’m procrastinating from writing, by writing.

Still losing every battle, but somehow winning the war.

Falling and running.

I fell down the stairs last night. I’ve been falling down stairs my whole life, and I’m pretty good at it by now, so the only actual injury was the toes of my left foot. I wasn’t able to get them pointed up so I could stop myself against the wall at the bottom with the sole of my foot, and jammed the toes straight into the wall with my whole body weight sliding behind them.

If you’re curious, that really hurts a lot.  Read the rest of this entry

A haiku

Can’t write with headache

Take a pill and dim the lights

Hope it fades away

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