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Authority and Abuse

I was going to include this in that last monster post about the fucking patriarchy, in the part where I talked about authoritarian systems, but it was already ridiculously long and I was falling asleep at the keyboard and this really didn’t add anything new.

I saw this video a while back on Pharyngula. You may be familiar with the Overton Window, which in brief is a political theory that there’s a range of acceptable policies, with stances on the fringes considered radical and stuff in the middle mundane. Here’s Pat Robertson showing us the edges of the window with regards to power structures and violence in marriage.

If you don’t want to watch it, (and really who could blame you?) a guy going by Michael tells Pat that his wife is becoming a problem, she won’t respect him, insults him, once stretched out her hand to strike him, and refuses to talk things through. What should he do?  Read the rest of this entry

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