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This morning I am awake.

After nearly a month sick, spending all my time coughing and catching sleep whenever I could, I finally feel like myself again this morning. Not like I should, not back to normal or anything, but at least like a person instead of a half-conscious mucus machine.

In a little while I’m going to take a long hot shower and then try to scrape off the beard that’s accumulated. Then I’ll do laundry, some housecleaning, more laundry, and a little banking. Just generally catching up on the things I’ve let slide while I didn’t feel up to doing anything more vigorous than napping, playing video games, and if I really felt like stretching myself, reading. Interestingly, I learned that reading takes more energy than playing Final Fantasy. Probably has to do with focus.

While I sipped coffee and read blogs in the predawn light I was struck by how much I missed writing. That I could miss writing at all amuses me, not too many years ago the idea would be almost unthinkable, but the depth of longing is astounding. Especially given how rare it is for me to feel that I’ve written something worth reading. I suppose there are times when the act of creation is more important that the result.

I have not fully recovered. I will still be taking antibiotics for several days yet. However I know that I’m over my illness because this morning I want to work.

Which is good, because cleaning up the mess my illness has left will be a hell of a job. The beard alone is going to be a serious undertaking! So one more cup of coffee, a little catching up on the news, and then the shower. And when I’m finished with the base chores, I am going to write something. I don’t know what, yet. Maybe I still won’t know when I sit down to begin. But something. Perhaps I’ll post it here.

In the meantime, have a good day everyone. With luck I’ll post here again before too long.

Can’t seem to keep blogging

I’ve been trying, really I have. But I just can’t seem to keep the blogging coming. There are many reasons for this, other things to do, difficulty deciding what to write about, general frustration with the knowledge that as soon as I start to write about one thing I’m far less likely to ever write about the others. Yes, I do realize that this is even worse, because that way at least I’d write about one of them, but somehow that doesn’t seem to help.

I started this year jumping into the Post A Day challenge with glee. I abandoned the idea of actually writing a post every day before I even started, telling myself that as long as I had 366 posts by year’s end I’d call it a win. I did very well for a third of the year, but by this point it’s pretty clear I’m not going to make that goal. And that’s okay, we don’t always succeed in our goals. Sometimes trying is more important than succeeding, and I think this is one of them.


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If the music’s too loud…

Apparently I’m too old. I went to a dance club last night for the first time in years, and damn it was loud. I barely danced and spent most of the night out on the patio hiding from the noise.

There was a time when I went to places like that once a week. Was it not as loud, then? Or have I damaged my hearing enough to be sensitive? Or maybe I’m just getting crabby in my old age.

Anyways, I had a good time, but in the future I’ll look for someplace more quiet to socialize.

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