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Writing frustrations

I have not done well in NaNoWriMo this weekend. Seems like every time I start to really get moving something, or more often someone, interrupts me and by the time I can sit down again I’ve lost the thread.

I did come to a conclusion on the schizo tech question, I’ve decided that if I want it a certain way and can come up with even the slightest, paper-thin justification for it, that’s the way to go. That way it should be almost entirely the way I want things, but I have rules to guide me when I’m not sure how it should be. Plus rules like that give you nice surprises sometimes.

This post is little more than feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile while stuck on my novel. The awful part is that I was moving along well, and had a good, solid idea of where the scene was going to go before I got interrupted, and now I’m clueless. I don’t even know why the characters said what they said, now.

After November, my next writing project needs to be learning to write an outline.

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