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Fucking Perfect.

Spent pretty much the whole day on a bus or a train, and I’m beat. I’m back home where the air is brown, now. I’m feeling pensive, the way you get after a journey when you’re tired and putting off unpacking, and a friend sent me to this video. And since I don’t have anything interesting to write about just now, I’m going to share it with you.

Each and every one of you.

Tiring day

It’s been a very long day for me. Spent much of it traveling from one city I’ve never been in to another city I’ve never been in, by way of a city I’ve only briefly visited, and the last time nearly eight years ago. Only got mildly lost twice, not bad for being out of practice at the travel thing. I’d like to thank the bus driver who let me on with my too large suitcase with only a scolding.

I’ve caught myself writing the wrong word a couple times in here already, it wouldn’t surprise me if I missed a few. Sorry about that.

Some of you got a sneak peak at my post a day safety net.  I remember when I made it there was some weirdness, I didn’t realize that I’d made it a page instead of a post. That’s fixed. If all goes well, it will never be public again.

Not much more to say tonight, I’m exhausted. Take care everybody.

Written on a train while easily distracted.

There’s a strange exhilaration to travel. I don’t mean the excitement of traveling itself, I’m talking about the tendency to see even the very familiar in a slightly different way when you’re racing past and will only see it for a moment.

Heavens help me as we left town I actually thought I might miss the place.

We’ve been chugging along for almost two hours now, and I keep finding interesting things to look at out the window. I shot a little video, but then realized that what’s interesting as you go by it probably isn’t interesting from the camera’s point of view, so I’m just going to relax and enjoy the trip for now.

Train is by far my favorite way to travel, although I still haven’t tried travel by dirigible yet. I seem to recall hearing that Zeppelins were the height of luxury in their day, and maybe someday lighter than air vehicles will make enough of a comeback that I can ride one cross-country.

Hey, there’s a goal worth reaching for! Travel around the world by airship! Land on every continent and see the world. Well, I guess I could skip Antarctica.

Who wants to help design my world tour dirigible? Would you like to come along?


At this time tomorrow I should be on a train approaching misty San Francisco Bay. Since I have lots to do to get ready for that, I’m not going to post much right now. I’ll try to have something more substantial up tonight if I can get everything done early enough. If not, well I’m sorry but this will just have to do for today. I’ll probably write tomorrow’s post on the train.

It’s a little sad that I’m so excited about this short trip. In days gone by I more than once left for other time zones on an hour’s notice, sometimes with no clue how I would get home. Once I called a friend who I heard was visiting a nearby area to ask for a ride back.

That’s all for now, though. Too many things to do to spend time reminiscing. Have a great day everyone.

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