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Well, that didn’t take long.

Ok, so QTM was in fact the only one I was able to install that actually works with WordPress. I suspect Drivel would if I took the time to find out which API WordPress is derived from, but now I’m annoyed and just want to go off somewhere and sulk.

Two of the programs wouldn’t install because of failed dependencies. One of them was actually an applet, just adding on to the fires of hate stoked by the latest Ubuntu release. Maybe I should just go back to KDE. Anyhow, there’s that project explored and abandoned. I’m more disappointed that I wasn’t able to try out more of the software than I am by not finding one I like, make of that what you will.

I’m going to walk a dog and let my mind wander, maybe I’ll have one more post for you today when I get back, maybe I’ll just read or show up at a friend’s house with a bad movie & pizza. We shall see.

On the many flavors of Linux

I’m a Linux user, and have been for years. I’ve used many different distros since the late ’90s, and for the last three or four years I’ve been pretty stable with Ubuntu. Sometimes I’d switch between the Gnome & KDE versions, but it was always Ubuntu. I’m using the latest version right now, the one that tied up my computer most of the day.

And I hate it. The “Unity” interface is no longer optional, and they’ve taken away my applets. For a couple years now it felt like each new release of Ubuntu was less what I wanted, almost as if they were deliberately trying to push me away. I’m thinking it’s time to start shopping around distros again.

This might make things a pain in the ass for a while. But I’ve been keeping up with the Post a Day thing pretty well so far. Granted that’s mostly by posting crap that nobody would actually want to read, but maybe if I can get used to writing in quantity then I can improve the quality gradually. Anyways, if I miss a day during the next week or two, trying out new Linux distros is going to be my excuse.

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