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A Festering Holiday Song

(To the tune of “O Holy Night”)

O holy crap
A shambling horde of zombies!
The walking dead are now
coming for your brains.

How can they move?
Their bodies are decaying.
They should collapse,
into piles of dead remains!

We try to barricade
ourselves up safely
in hopes that we can
make it through the night

Aim for the head!
Or else, they’ll keep advancing!
Reload while you can,
and maybe, we’ll see the dawn!

And if
I get bit
Please don’t…
Don’t let me turn.

Zombie Dream

So last night I dreamt that there was a zombie plague spreading across the world. This probably has something to do with my company today. Anyways, in the dream it turned out to be not as big a deal as everyone expected, because social instincts didn’t change much. Social animals continued their lives without much change, they’d lose their sex drive and want to eat brains, but their willingness to kill their own kind didn’t change much.

So your average human zombie was a little more resistant to change and didn’t care about sex, but otherwise not very different from the general populace. Go ahead and make your own GOP joke.

I dimly remember an encounter with a zombie version of a large bird of prey, a solitary predator that was extremely aggressive, and attacked us on sight. Someone mentioned  that there weren’t any unzombied ones left in the wild, that species had gone over to the undead completely. Seems very sad now, at the time I was too busy keeping track of those talons to think that they were effectively already extinct.

Well, that’s about all I can remember. Have a great day!

Zombie parasites?

Why do walking dead stories so often blame a virus?

This morning it occurred to me that almost every shambling corpse story, (True zombies, of course, are black magic voodoo) the monsters are said to be animated by a virus. It’s pretty common in fiction to see an unknown virus blamed for weird shit, even things that realistically couldn’t be done by a viral infection. I suppose that’s like the way “vaccine” is frequently misused for “cure”, it sounds sciency but most people don’t really know the details of how they work. Well, to be fair I only have a vague understanding myself. But I do get tired of the same thing over and over again.

Why a virus instead of a parasite? There’s precedent in nature for parasites changing an animal’s behavior drastically. Read the rest of this entry

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