New week, new ideas

So, it’s a new week, with a fresh quota to meet. I’ve got no great ideas for what to write for this week, so please leave suggestions or requests down in the comments. I’m also testing the Facebook settings for publicity. I think it’ll work this time. Finally, I’m going to see what happens if I click the “super awesome” checkbox. That’s about all I’ve got for this post.

So, anybody want to pull my strings and make me dance?

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  1. Write your own obituary.

    • Oh, yes, oh my yes! I probably won’t get a thousand words out of it, so the table’s still open for this week, but I’m totally doing that tonight. The only real question is how many Nobel Prizes I should give myself! 😛

  2. How’s it going with the SG-1 fanfic? If you have any questions, let me know. I’ve seen the the movies, the series, and the spin-off Atlantis. I could save you some time with research. 😉

    • I’ve got a pretty good outline, I just need to watch some episodes to get a better feel for the characters, which shouldn’t actually be difficult since the whole series is on Hulu. The real problem is that it’s spring and I want to spend my free time outside, which is also a problem I’m having with this blog in general. I really should have started this project back in winter when I spend most of my time sitting here with a cup of tea.

      That’s also made me reluctant to join your social experiment. Well, that and the sneaking suspicion that it’s really just a way to get more people participating in your blog. Wish I’d thought of that!
      Which reminds me that I’d meant to put a link to that on Facebook, I’ll do that now.

      All that responding to a four sentence comment, and I can’t seem to manage 1000 words per week?

  3. Take your time. I understand about wanting to be outside in the spring. I’m in school most of the time, so I just blog because it’s a more mentally stimulating time waster than video games. 🙂

    As for the social experiment, I really just want to see how open people are and the extent to which people challenge their own beliefs and each others.

    I pretty much assume that few people will want to participate, because no one wants to commit to anything these days. But, hey, if that is the case, that can be the conclusion of my experiment.

    I thought of it because I think that the standard qualitative and quantitative approaches with all the rules and regulations become limiting in understanding the underlying mechanism in many areas being studied. This is an outlandish approach that may or may not yield interesting observations.

    Anyway, enjoy your spring and summer!

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