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December hasn’t been a good  month for this blog. The windstorm knocked out my internet, the new version of Thunderbird broke the nice Google Calendar integration I had working which pestered me with reminders to blog every day, and a lot of general busyness & exhausted ennui made writing seem like far more trouble than usual.

But it’s the 15th, and that means search engine stats. I couldn’t skip that! As usual, search terms are bold, while my commentary is italtic.

he blows a lot I suspect Sam Brownback is really going to learn to hate that phrase.

naked egyptian Just any in general, or one in particular?

naked egypt Hey, there’s a revolution I could get behind. We had the Arab Spring, next year let’s have the Naked Spring!

heblowsalot It’s a little known fact that Gov. Brownback inflated most of the Thanksgiving Day parade balloons all by himself.

aliaa magda elmahdy Is arguably the bravest woman in Egypt. She also managed to become one of my heroes with a single blog post. Not bad!

#heblowsalot Is still an active tag on Twitter, though it’s slowed down a lot.

he blows alot Yes, yes he does.

against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy “There will stand heroes…” *Cue action music, roll opening credits*

egypt naked That’s right, ALL of it!

meaning “#heblowsalot” It means that the powerful still expect to be groveled to, to be shown deference not on the basis of their humanity or the content of their character, but because they have a title before their name and that means they’re just better than you. The feudal mindset seems to be alive and well, even though feudalism is long gone.

principle krawitz The principle that sucking up to those in power is more important than freedom of speech, apparently.

nudity in egypt Clearly, there isn’t enough of it.

aliaa magda elmahdy’s nude photos on net I’m amazed that this very specific request came to my blog at all! This is probably the link you wanted.

stoya adventures Oh yes, she has them!

aliaa magda elmahdy porn sex pitures You’re missing the point. But as long as we’re on this tangent, do you think that any picture of a naked person is porn? I wonder if that mindset is part of the cause or part of the effect of the sort of madness that thinks a woman deserves to be whipped for posting pictures of her own personal body on the internet.

egyptian man naked on twitter Look, a step for equality!

sam brownback is an asshole This made me snicker like a schoolboy.

loophole congress legislation delaware corporations investors. I wish this was getting more press. I’d like to know more about it, plus it also sounds like one of those things that everyone should be pissed off about, except that hardly anyone’s talking about it.

asshole in clinic Paging Stanislaw Burzynski, I think this is for you.

stoya tumbir I think I only mentioned Stoya once in a tag of all places before I started doing these search stat posts. I always wonder what makes people searching for her click on my blog. Hope you enjoy you visit, Stoya fans!

define freedom traveling What I really like about this one is with the right punctuation it answers itself. “Define freedom? Traveling!”

tax the fucking rich I cannot tell you how proud I am that this phrase led someone to me.

theory of evolution Is better understood than gravity, and yet in many places here in the United States, teaching it is controversial. Embarrassing, really.

dropbox problem Did you find a solution?

zim desktop wiki for writing fiction It’s so useful for keeping track of all the behind the scenes stuff! I’d recommend a proper word processor for writing the actual fiction, though.

evidence of global flood when 2400 bc None that I’m aware of. If you have any, please show it to me!

This was the first time I did search stats and felt a need to skip some of them. You didn’t miss anything, mostly variations of “elmahdy naked” or “he blows a lot”, it would have gotten awfully repetitive.

Anyways, that’s the searches for this month. Hopefully I’ll get more blogging done in the next half of December. Have a good night!

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