Daily posting.

At the beginning of October I joined the Post A Day challenge. At the time I was wondering how long I could keep going. Apparently, the answer was “About two months”.

It’s a strange thing. Often I feel like my life, my hobbies, and even my personality is somehow subject to the laws of inertia. I find it very difficult to start doing things, but once I’ve started I don’t want to stop. Annoying, really, so many things would be much easier if I could just pick them up and work on them for, say, 45 minutes and then move on to something else. Such is life, I suppose; I doubt I’m the only one who feels that way.

Yesterday the Daily Post had a survey, and it asked an interesting question. “What is your personal system for blogging?” I didn’t really feel like I qualified to take that anymore, but I’m going to discuss it a bit here anyways. If nothing else, at least I’m writing.

Up until Thunderbird 8 was released and broke compatibility, I had the calendar extension synched up with my Google Calendar. It was incredibly useful, for many things, and frankly I’m having trouble functioning without it now. But of course the most relevant use of this thing was the little reminder that popped up every morning and pestered me to write a blog post. Sometimes I’d click it off right away and start writing, others I’d growl at it and tell it to bug me again in two hours, but either way it always put the thought of writing into my head straightaway.

That loss happened about the same time a power failure forced me to skip a day and broke my momentum. And it sucks.

Since most of the comments on Daily Post’s, er, post are about categories and tags, I may as well mention that I love tags and hate categories. Seriously. Categories feel like a straightjacket to me, while I can tag a post with anything I think may be slightly relevant. You’ll notice nearly all my posts of the last three months are in category “Daily Post”, while the tags vary wildly. Frankly I should really just ignore categories and use tags exclusively. If I saw an easy way to remove categories from my blog entirely and replace them with tags of the same name, I probably would.

One thing I have going for me is that I never have to ask myself if a subject is outside the scope of my blog, since the only criteria I have is that it’s something I can write about. This also works against me in terms of building a readership and gaining traffic, but that’s ok. First and foremost, this blog is my own little self-improvement project. Anything I write that’s actually worth reading is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a funny thing, when I first started this I honestly believed that about half of my posts would be fiction. The “Adventures” part of my blog title was originally meant to refer to stuff I would write, since I have a real love of adventure stories. It turns out that while imagining wild fantasy worlds and high adventure is easy and fun, actually writing about it is really, really hard!

And there’s that momentum again. I really have nothing more to add here, but now that I’ve started writing I don’t want to stop. I suppose I’ll just post this and see if I can’t find something else to write about.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.

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