Since I have nothing to say for myself today

Instead I’ll drop a link to Life Before the Dinosaurs, a blog about paleozoic life run by a very talented seven year old. Awesome stuff.

That blog got me thinking about geological time, and how very much of it there is. I like the clock representation found on Wikipedia here. That little green bit is the dinosaur era. The tiny orange part represents the 65 million years since then. Amazing. For about the first quarter there wasn’t any life at all.

I was considering making a series about the history of Earth, divided up by geological eras, or maybe periods if I felt like getting into detail. I might still do that but really it would be for my own learning, I couldn’t tell you anything you couldn’t find out on Google and I’d have to make an effort not to just copy stuff out from my sources. Come to think of it, my primary source would be Google, since I don’t have any books on the subject less than 20 years old and my local library is underfunded. Huh.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. Now I’m torn between researching the dawn of the Earth and taking a nap. Decisions, eh? What a pain.

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