Finally saw the Doctor Who xmas special

You know what I’ve noticed about that show? I tend not to care much for the ones where he doesn’t have any consistent companions traveling with him. I really prefer when he has people around who know him and have an idea of how things tend to work, even if they’re completely clueless as to what’s going on at the moment.

Perhaps especially if they’re clueless about the moment.

I’m not sure why that is. I know it’s not about any desire for ongoing continuity. Maybe it’s having things explained over & over, or maybe I just don’t like it when everything we get to know about a character is what can be fit into one episode. Reading my first paragraph again I suspect it’s having to get acquainted with these characters and get them acquainted with each other.

Anyway, I liked it well enough, but thought the base premise about the forest was a little weak. It was one of those episodes that would be better with more comedy to distract you from the silly parts of the plot. The ending made me happy.

Nothing interesting tonight, I’m afraid. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Damn, i still need to catch that.

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