It’s been a pretty intense week for me, and I ran into a problem today when I was trying to write. Everything I wanted to write about was so personal that I don’t feel comfortable posting it here. I scanned the greater blogosphere, but nothing jumped out at me as good writing fodder.

So I’ll just take a moment to ponder the boundaries of blogging in general and this blog in particular.

There are countless ways to blog. I’m sure if someone wrote the definitive list of blog types it wouldn’t last 24 hours before one existed that didn’t match up. Heck, I’d be pretty impressed if it was complete when it was made.

One of the things I really like about blogs is how individual they are. You can never be certain where the edges of a particular blog are. What they will or will not be willing to post. Some see that as a bug, but to me it’s a feature.

Every blog has its scope. For this blog it’s whatever I feel like writing about, since writing is the whole purpose of it. In theory I could have made it private and never had to worry about writing something too personal to post publicly, but I really don’t think that would have worked. The feedback I get from this is outrageously helpful.

I’ve seen many blogs that got very personal. One or two I even felt a little uncomfortable reading, like I was sneaking a peek into someone’s private thoughts. Exciting, but a little too intimate, perhaps.

At the largest scale, the general concept of blogging across the entire internet, I don’t think there should be any boundaries at all. I want each blogger to have to decide what their boundaries are, to think about what they want to post and what sort of things they aren’t willing to post.

Which probably doesn’t surprise anyone. Incidentally, have I mentioned this month that Aliaa Magda Elmahdy is my hero?

I’m continually amazed by the power of the internet, the way free information can change things. It shocks and amazes me that anyone thinks all that knowledge is a bad thing, because it has so much more power for good than for harm.

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